We all want what’s best for our children . . .In the food we feed them. In the education we give them. In the clothes we buy them.

In the case of clothing, we all place great faith in fashion. But – in our opinion, at least – the emphasis ought to be on fabrics.

If we really want what’s best for our children, it’s our belief that we should be striving to surround them with a material that has been around for several millennia; a material that is natural, ethical and sustainable; a material that offers innumerable benefits for the children and babies fortunate enough to be clothed in it.

It’s a material that we all know, and one that those who wear it all love.

Why wool? Because nothing else can compare. Because nothing even comes close.

Because a material that hails from the hillsides is far superior to those fabricated in factories from unpronounceable ingredients and questionable chemicals. Because it’s free from toxins and the other man-made additives that don’t figure in our philosophy. Because it has been around for such a long time for good reason. Because our babies and our children deserve it.

Because it gives little ones a helping hand at the time of their lives when they need it the most.

That babies sleep better in woollen clothing and bedding is a fact that scientific studies have backed up. This is a fact that makes our favourite fibre an irrefutable asset to parents, but that isn’t all . . .

Babies and infants aren’t able to regulate their body temperature effectively, and, in this, wool offers invaluable assistance, keeping wearers warm in cold conditions and helping them to remain cool when it is hot . . .

Wool is breathable, anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and naturally flame resistant, wool can be produced without the need for practices that are exploitative or inhumane, and wool, in forms both pre and post-manufacture, looks and feels beautiful . . .

Wool cannot be considered a craze or a trend or a fad. It has been around since the times of ancient Babylonia and it isn’t going anywhere. This longevity is significant . . .

You see, despite all our technological advances and scientific progress, mankind has never been able to create a material that can match wool. Wool takes on all-comers. Wool outperforms them all.

Wool does it without the need for the toxic substances and chemicals that go into synthetic materials and it has long been our firm belief that, in such matters, Mother Nature knows best.

Given all the evidence, it seems bizarre to us all here at Lana Bambini that man-made materials have managed to elbow natural fibres out of the way. It pleases us to report that wool is fighting back. Taking all things into consideration, it’s not much of a contest. There’s no question that we’re in wool’s corner. We’re in the habit of backing the winner.

So ask the question again: why wool? Our answer will always be: why not?