Sizing Help

At best, size guides can only be approximate.  Brands differ and children come in all shapes and sizes and grow at different rates. We generally recommend sizing up whenever possible so your child will get the maximum wear out of their clothes. The exception is baby sleeping bags and nightwear which should be fitted for safety.

The chart below is only a general guide,  just drop us a line if you need further help and we’ll get straight back to you!


About Disana sizing:

When you use our size chart for a child, there is no need to "buy big" as every Disana garment is designed for a good fit with room for growth.

HEIGHT is the one and only measure you need to order. Measure the height for a good fit

WEIGHT might be helpful if a child is above or below the average weight.

AGE isn't nearly as accurate as using the height (since kids all grow at different rates!), but it is helpful when sending out-of-town gifts.

We have garment-specific measurements on the sizing tab of the product page if you need exact measurements. 

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