Organic Merino Fleece Dungarees

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Made from soft, thick organic merino fleece and produced in the Swabian Alps, these overalls are hard to beat. Ribbed cuffs at the ankles can fold over for extra warmth, and at the wrists, there is an optional fleecy mitt. Unlike synthetic materials, wool helps to regulate body temperature, helping towards a good night's sleep. It's also amazingly dirt-repellent, most things just brush off and a good airing between wears removes the need for too much washing.

  • 100% Organic Merino Wool Fleece
  • Hooded style
  • Made in Germany
  • Handwash with wool detergent


Shoulder to ankle: 58
Crotch to ankle: 22.5
Shoulder to crotch: 36.5

Shoulder to ankle: 67
Crotch to ankle: 25
Shoulder to crotch: 43

Shoulder to ankle: 77.5
Crotch to ankle: 30.5
Shoulder to crotch: 47

Shoulder to ankle: 90.5
Crotch to ankle: 39.5
Shoulder to crotch: 52

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Wool and silk/wool do not need as much washing as cotton. These fabrics are repellent to bacterial growth and have amazing self-cleaning properties. Air these garments frequently and you will find they smell fresh for many wears


This should be gently hand washed or machine washed on a 30 deg wool cycle using a specialist detergent for delicate fabrics only.


Wool is very sensitive to both temperature and pH so never use cold water, or a cold rinse after a warm wash as this can 'shock' the wool and cause matting. It's also essential to use a proper wool detergent. 


An occasional light lanolin treatment will also prolong the life and help maintain the natural waterproof and dirt resistant qualities. More more information see our washing and care section here


Spread to dry flat away from a direct heat source. They can be hung on the line to dry if they are not too wet (which may cause the garment to stretch out of shape).  


For tough stains use gall soap, a powerful natural stain remover which is kind to delicate fabrics. Dab the gall soap on to the stain, leave a few minutes then wash as normal.