We've selected a range of trousers and leggings in natural fibres that will keep your children or baby comfortable all year round. Our fine wool and silk blends make comfortable and healthy trousers which are brilliant all year round – even in summer – as they will help your little one stay cool as well as warm. Boiled wool makes durable, easy to care for and practically bomb proof trousers, ideal for busy toddlers who are intent on getting covered in mud, snow or worse! Our knitted wool leggings are a medium weight that can be layered over thermals in the winter or worn alone during the rest of the year. Wool fleece is a particularly lovely fabric for baby trousers as it’s incredibly soft and will help them to maintain a comfortable body temperature before they’re able to do this for themselves. All our organic cotton trousers and legging are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard or certified iVN Best which ensures the whole supply chain meets exceptionally high ecological and ethical standards and carries no risk of toxic residues.
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