Lana Bambini is an English business importing goods from producers and agents in mostly in Europe.

Our concept is to sell high-quality clothing that has been sustainably produced under fair working conditions.

We are committed to maintaining an ethical stance in all areas of the business. We demand a high performance on labour standards, animal welfare, health & safety and environmental responsibility; both from ourselves and our suppliers. 



We only deal with suppliers whom we trust, who share our ethical values, who limit their environmental impacts and operate according to decent social working conditions.

Suppliers for Lana Bambini must not employ forced or child labour. They must comply fully with labour standards laid out by the ILO (International Labour Organization) concerning working hours, wages, health and safety, cultural sensitivity, freedom of association and collective bargaining, and non-discrimination. 

We will not deal with those who are involved in any way with the exploitation of non-sustainable resources, the use of chemicals linked to health or environmental concerns, exploitation of great apes, intensive or indoor farming of animals, the fur trade, blood sports, mulesing of sheep or animal testing.

We will not deal with those who exploit human beings or who do not respect those basic human rights laid out in the European Convention for Human Rights.

Wherever possible we choose ethical financial products. We use Charity Clear, a not-for-profit company who gives a 100% of profits to charity as our online payment service provider. We are insured by Nature Save an ethical insurance provider.

We believe in honesty and transparency and will happily answer any questions our customers have about our business activities.

You can find out how we source our goods in our environmental policy here.