We’re not perfect. We know that our business activity – from shipping products to keeping the lights on – creates carbon emissions as a by-product and we work progressively to reduce those impacts. We believe in being transparent with regards to our challenges and successes. 


Cotton: We have a strict cotton sourcing policy which ensures it is fair-trade, organic and never originates in Uzebekistan .

Wool: Almost all our wool is certified organic and originates in South America or Europe. Where it’s not organic, it comes from responsibility managed sources who give appropriate consideration to animal husbandry and is  tested to make sure it’s free from harmful substances. We request a mulesing-free certificate from non-organic suppliers and avoid any wool which has originated in Australia due to the wide-spread practice of mulesing.

Animal fur: We will never sell products containing real fur whether farmed or from the meat industry. 

Leather or skin products: All leather must be a by-product of the meat industry from Europe, UK or New Zealand. We will never use leather that has originated or been tanned in China due to the practice of live skinning or boiling. Leather must be tanned according to strict environmental and ecological criteria and independently tested to ensure it’s free from harmful substances.  

Palm oil: We do not sell products containing unsustainable palm oil.

Animal testing: We do not condone testing of any products on animals and will never knowingly purchase ingredients, formulations or products from any supplier who have conducted, commissioned or been party to animal testing.

Animal by-products: Occasionally we may use animal-derived ingredients such as ox gall, but these must be collected without harm to animals or be a by-product of the meat industry. We demand that all animal derived materials used in our products to have come from animals treated humanely and according to the recommendations on animal welfare standards laid down by the OIE in their Animal Health Codes.

Silk: Some of our garments contain a percentage of silk. This is not 'Peace Silk' and comes from cultivated not wild silk worms.

Chemicals: All our suppliers use only ecologically harmless GOTs certified dyes and auxiliaries.  This standard does not permit toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, functional nano particles, genetically modified organisms (GMO) and their enzymes. Knitting and weaving oils must not contain heavy metals. Bleaches must be based on oxygen (no chlorine bleaching) and azo dyes that release carcinogenic amine compounds are prohibited.

Garment Certifications: Most of our products are certified with either GOTs or iVN Best certification.  Clothing not produced under the standards set out by the iVN (International of Association of Natural Textile Industry) requires certification from Oeko-tex or Eco-label to ensure the final product is free from any harmful substances. 

Dyes: Suppliers must show us that they use ecologically harmless dyes of GOTS standard or higher. 

Stationary: Order print outs are on 100% recycled paper, we only use FSC certified stationery. 

Packaging: Where possible we recycling postage packaging and use only completely biodegradable or cardboard mailers. 

Waste: We recycle all waste where possible, including composting food waste.

Shipping: This is a definite challenge for us as carbon neutral shipping is not widely offered. We use DPD carbon-neutral shipping for many of our European deliveries and expedited UK orders. We use Royal mail for domestic deliveries, wherever possible avoiding the use of couriers with irresponsible polices towards their staff. 

We believe in honesty and transparency and will happily answer any questions our customers have about our business activities.