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A new human life is so precious and so sensitive and choosing natural clothing provides your baby with the healthiest start possible.  All our products are carefully selected to wrap your children in the softest, safest and purest clothing imaginable.

We stock high quality clothes and underwear in only natural fibres, organically produced wool, cotton, alpaca and silk. Marvels of nature’s intelligence, the unique thermal-regulating properties of these materials will keep you and your little ones as warm, comfortable and happy as possible; whilst being free of any allergenic or harmful resides.

Steering clear of the fickle world of children’s mass-produced ‘throwaway’ fashion, we offer you timeless designs, sustainably-produced fabrics and gorgeous eco-friendly colours. Beautiful garments, robust enough to be passed on to future siblings and then on to future generations, the heirlooms of the future.      

We believe in dressing children well while treading lightly on the earth, taking pride in fair trade ethics and creating a better world for all of us.


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