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Re-usable nappies might seem scary and confusing if you haven't tried them but believe us, the benefits are many.

Cost: The most obvious benefit is in the amount of money you'll save. What looks like a lot of money to get started will begin to save you serious money within months when you start to compare them to the cost of disposables. A standard supermarket nappy costs around 20p and assuming you average 7 changes per day over likely period of nappy use (2.5 years) that's £1200! If you're using eco-friendly disposables that will be much higher.

Environment:  The effect of disposibles on the environment is horrific. The 6000-7000 nappies that one baby is likely to get through will rang around polluting the environment for up to 500 years.

Chemicals:  Disposible nappies are usually full of chemical nasties (ever wondered what that chemical smell is?!) such as Sodium Polyacrylate and TriButylTin (a hormone disrupting chemical). 

Longevity: Use your cloth nappies for multiple children or sell them on, further increasing the savings.

We offer advice, instructional videos and sample packs to help you choose the right organic nappies for your baby. Once you've got the hang of them you'll never look back - we promise!


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