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Organic Baby Sleeping Bags

Did you know that wool helps babies sleep? Our merino wool baby sleeping bags are all made from 100% organic wool which is not only free from any of the nasty chemicals used on conventional wool, they are breathable and have wonderful temperature regulating properties. Putting your baby to sleep in wool will help them sleep deeper and for longer as they're less likely to be disturbed by fluctuations in body temperature. Wool is not just for winter. Our knitted sleeping bags are lightweight and can be used most of the year - even in summer - on all but the hottest summer nights. Wool allows excess heat and moisture to escape in a way that synthetics do not so it will keep your baby child comfortable all year round. Wool absorbs a lot of moisture before it feels damp and also remains warm even if wet so nappy leaks are less problematic than in cotton bedding. If you're unsure about which sleeping bag is best for you child, please don't hesitate to get in touch.